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TCM Herbal Practice Safety Standards & Medical Errors
Prevention Guidelines: Cleveland Clinic Model

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1. Is the following statement true or false? “ Chinese herbal medicine is absolutely safe for all patients"(Required)
2. Which of the following must be reviewed during every patient encounter, when prescribing a Chinese herbal formula, except?(Required)
3. Which of the following allergies/sensitivities is unnecessary to review every patient encounter, when prescribing a Chinese herbal formula, except?(Required)
4. Which examination finding requires an immediate referral to a Western MD?(Required)
5. Which of the following medications does not have a broad pharmacologic safety margin and is unsafe to take concurrently with a Chinese herbal formula, even when taken separated by two hours?(Required)
6. Is the following statement true or false? “Chinese Herbal Medicines are regulated by the FDA. Chinese Herbal Medicines are held to cGMP regulation under Title 21 CFR 111.”(Required)
7. According to FDA labeling standard guidelines the following data must be reflected on a compounded Chinese Herbal prescription label:(Required)
8. What is the most probable cause of adverse reactions to Chinese herbs, except?(Required)
9. Two weeks ago you started your patient (no prior labs) on Xiao Ban Xia Jia Fu Ling Tang (Pinellia & Hoelen Combination), which of the following is not a red flag of an adverse reaction to Chinese herbal medication?(Required)
10. Which event is not a serious adverse event, which must be reported to FDA according to the Dietary Supplement and Non-prescription Drug Consumer Protection Act?(Required)
11. What information should not be included on FDA adverse effect report form 3500?(Required)
12. What two identifiers are used in the conventional medicine setting to correctly identify the patient?(Required)
13. Is the following statement true or false? “The dosage of an herbal formula depends on the age and weight of a patient, severity of a disease, strength of a formula, form of a formula preparation, route of administration, constitution of a patient, concurrent medications, and climate.”(Required)
14. When it is not necessary to review patient’s pharmaceutical medications?(Required)
15. Which one of the following is an approved abbreviation for use in medical records?(Required)
16. A patient sends you an email reporting that today she is experiencing diarrhea 2-3 times a day and abdominal discomfort. She is a new patient that started Xiao Yao San 4 days ago. What is a correct rout of your response?(Required)
17. Is the following statement true or false? “It is safe for every patient to take tonic herbal formulas during an acute infectious disease?”(Required)
18. One of your long-term herbal patients was admitted to a hospital and tested positive for led toxicity. Herbal medicine is a suspected cause. An Adverse Event Report (AE) report has been filed with the FDA. What information about herbs administered in the past to the patient, do you not need to have in order to defend yourself?(Required)
19. Is the following statement true or false? “ It is absolutely safe fto administer a Chinese Herb organically grown in your own garden to a patient?"(Required)
20. Is the following statement true or false? “To gain an acceptance of the Western medical community, the Traditional Chinese Medical community must create a National and International Universal database of Chinese herbal formula side effects, drug – herb interactions and adverse effects based on Research and Clinical observation. It is a matter of an immediate necessity.”(Required)


2. The program met its stated goals and objectives.(Required)
3. The instructor(s) was knowledgeable of the subject matter presented.(Required)
4. I received an agenda and the instructor kept to the identified time frames.(Required)
5. The handouts and teaching methods were well presented to impart the program information.(Required)
6. I will be able to apply what i have learned in my professional life.(Required)
7. Overall, how satisfied were you with the program presentation?(Required)
8. Would you recommend this course to other licensed acupuncturists?(Required)