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Safety & Regulations of TCM Herbal Telemedicine

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In COVID-19 National Emergency times government law updates are coming out frequently. 
Please be patient if on-line connection interrupts, I am updating info as soon as anything relevant to our profession comes out. 
Please check back in frequently for updates, it is difficult to keep you informed via direct email.
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Galina. V. Roofener

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Updates in regards to HIPPA compliance DURING the Public Health Emergency d/t Corona Virus

“Under this Notice, covered health care providers may use popular applications that allow for video chats, including Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat, Google Hangouts video, or Skype, to provide telehealth without the risk that OCR might seek to impose a penalty for non-compliance with the HIPAA Rules related to the good faith provision of telehealth during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency. Providers are encouraged to notify patients that these third-party applications potentially introduce privacy risks, and providers should enable all available encryption and privacy modes when using such applications.

Under this Notice, however, Facebook Live, Twitch, TikTok, and similar video communication applications are public-facing, and should not be used in the provision of telehealth by covered health care providers.”



  • Keep checking on the daily basis Telehealth billing/reimbursement with insurance providers, many insurance companies changing reimbursement for Telehealth as we speak
  • Unfortunately, we are NOT Medicare billing providers so below does not apply to us.





Practicing across the state lines law in the majority of the state remains the SAME as outlined in my class
below examples of some temporary changes that were made on the state level.

Effective 04/12/2021 Ohio state eliminated the Oriental medicine license, accordingly, TCM herbs are unregulated activity and may be subject to the practice of medicine without a license according to the state of Ohio Medical Board.

To find out what is happening on the level of your state

  • Please subscribe for email notifications from your state medical board
  • Join your state association, they are informed with an update ASAP
  • Join ASA, they are working for the entire US
  • Get NCCAOM Certified, it is important to maintain standards

Stay calm in these difficult times.

Inform your patients that we are here and still can help them via Virtual visit even if it is only calming Shen counseling, the WORD is the best medicine!

Patients are paying for your time and expertise, not necessarily herbs or needles!

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1. I can practice Traditional Chinese Herbal Telemedicine in any state freely.(Required)
2. Prescribing TCM herbs based solely on an electronic medical questionnaire constitutes good medical practice.(Required)
3. Skype is HIPAA compliant platform for telemedicine.(Required)
4. Telemedicine shall not include the provision of health care services only through an audio only telephone, email messages, text messages, facsimile transmission, U.S. Mail or other parcel service, or any combination thereof.(Required)
5. Transmission and review of digital images, pathology specimens, test results, or other medical via telemedicine HIPAA compliant platform is prohibited.(Required)
6. Specific informed Consent to Telehealth is not mandatory in Florida(Required)
7. Which one is the most suitable condition to be treated via Traditional Chinese Herbal Telemedicine consult?(Required)
8. Telemedicine visit is exempt from record keeping requirements.(Required)
9. The standard of care, including TCM tongue and pulse collection does not apply to telemedicine visit.(Required)
10. In the state of Ohio initial appointment must be in person.(Required)


2. The program met its stated goals and objectives.(Required)
3. The instructor(s) was knowledgeable of the subject matter presented.(Required)
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