Thermography as Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Do You know that EVERY WOMAN is at risk of developing breast cancer? Current research indicates that 1 in every 8 women in the US will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.


Are you younger than 40 years old and do not qualify for mammogram?

Are you concerned about radiation exposure or compression from annual mammograms? Would you like a safe, early breast screening test that is pain-free, radiation free and FDA approved?

Digital infrared thermal imaging (DII), otherwise known as thermography, is what you are looking for!

Normal Breast                                   Arthritis of the Spine

It takes 8-10 years for a dime-sized tumor to grow to be detected on a mammogram. Digital Infrared Imaging can detect changes at the 2nd year of cancer development.

While mammography relies primarily on finding the physical tumor, DII is based on detecting the increased blood vessel circulation and metabolic changes associated with a tumor’s formation and growth. By detecting minute variations in normal blood vessel activity, infrared imaging can frequently suggest a pre-cancerous state of the breast or the presence an early tumor that is not yet large enough to be detected by physical examination, mammography, or other types of structural imaging.   Do you know why mammogram is indicated for women 40 and older? It is not because you are safe if you are younger it is because your breast is too dense for mammogram to see anything, as a result the highest rate of mortality is among young women.  Also, do you know that  if you have breast implants it is considered as  a pre-existing condition  and mammogram may be not reliable or can damage implants? Thermography reliability is the same with implants as without them .  Breast thermography is the only known non-invasive procedure that can detect inflammatory non-nodular cancer in the breasts. Thermograpy is also used extensively for detection of vascular abnormalities in Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune disorders, Cardiovascular diseases Diabetes and many others. Only organs that we can not see on thermogram are uterus and prostate they are blocked by other organs.We do not recommend screening if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Otherwise start of thermography screening as early as 18 years old can be your life saver!

Thermogram is inexpensive test, cost for breast health  is only $175, for full body $450 unfortunately as majority of innovations Thermal Imaging is NOT paid by insurance. The scanning is performed by a Certified Clinical Thermographer. The scans are read by M.D.Radiologist board certified in thermology. The Breast screening takes about 20 minutes and reports are returned within two weeks.   An initial scan is recommended to be followed three months later by a second scan to establish a baseline.  Follow ups are usually recommended annually after a baseline is established.


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Since the single greatest risk factor for the development of breast cancer is lifetime exposure to estrogen, normalizing the balance of the hormones in the breast may be the first and most significant step in prevention. Galina V. Roofener AP, DOM specializes in natural hormone re-balancing.