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Materia Medica: Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals from TCM Perspective

The intent of this online book is to serve as a reference manual for the healthcare practitioners familiar with the theory and terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The content is constantly expanding, new monographs are written and old are updated with new thoughts and references. This is why you want to subscribe long term and check new info regularly.

The content is organized as chapters of traditional Materia Medica and introduces energetic properties of Western pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals described in the language of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCHM). Due to the disconnect between eastern and western medical concepts, many herbalists may ignore pharmaceuticals when designing their TCHM prescriptions. On the other hand, the western medical community tends to use Chinese herbs without a thorough understanding of their energetic properties or for wrong purposes. 

All herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are differentiated based on temperature, taste, meridian/organ it enters, action, and indication. The robust and simultaneously flexible theoretical framework of TCM allows us to interpret a phenomenon of anything around us, be it an herb, a drug, or a supplement in terms of its energetic properties. Accordingly, each medication or supplement can be described in a standard Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica format.

Interpretation of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals based on TCM philosophy will complement the practice of TCM herbalists and enhance understanding of possible drug-supplement-herb interactions. The author does not intend to present drugs & supplements monographs as the ultimate truth in the last instance. It’s a mere attempt to overcome deficiencies in the current practice of TCHM in the United States and possibly around the world. This book is intended to provoke critical thinking and encourage discussion.

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