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Head & Neck Imaging in the TCM Practice


COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES  Through the successful completion of this course, each student will be able to:

  • Navigate Imaging ordering logistics,
  • Apply legal aspects of imaging ordering,
  • Understand the difference between X-Ray, MRI, MRA, PET, CT, Ultrasound, Thermography,
  • Understand the application of imaging in diagnostics of head and neck disorders,
  • Identify TCM patterns manifestation in the imaging tests,
  • Review acupuncture action confirmed by Imaging research,
  • How to translate Imaging findings into TCM Theory.
  • Investigate most common disorders in acupuncturist practice imaging tests,
  • Review red flag referrals,
  • Clarify imaging test ordering,
  • Understand imaging tests interpretation,
  • Reinforce imaging tests records in the SOAP note,
  • Introduction into imaging effects on medical decision making/billing codes,